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An Exclusive International Event to Discuss How You Can Profit From the World-Wide Economic Crisis

All across the world were seeing signs of economic chaos—rioting, inflation, sovereign debt downgrades and massive volatility in the world’s stock markets and commodity prices. These are not the problem, these are only symptoms of the problems that are facing almost every country in the world today. In Robert’s opinion, these “symptoms” are likely to get much worse than better in the months ahead. You have the choice as to whether these problems will crush you or make you rich.

Join Robert and Kim Kiyosaki in a one-day live event in Prague, to hear Rich Dad’s views about challenges they see facing everyone in the world right now. Robert and Kim will:

  • Present the Rich Dad view of current world events
  • Explain what you will need to do to capitalize on global volatility
  • Discuss your specific questions in detail

Robert and Kim spent part of the day answering your questions. Don't miss this opportunity to hear what they have to say.

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Event Speakers

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Kim Kiyosaki - Rich Woman



Watch Robert, Kim and their team online and experience all of the energy and learning just as if you were in the room with them.
Purchase Replay and get over 5 hours of powerful instruction.

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