Join Robert and Kim Kiyosaki as they discuss ways to build real wealth.

Success is not reserved for only a few special individuals. Success is available to everyone who is willing to reach out and grab it. Learn how you can achieve it.

Around the world, many people feel hopeless because of the recession; yet, the greatest success stories in life occurred during times of great economic turmoil. These visionaries saw opportunity where others saw obstacles—and they took action to accomplish their goals. 

Robert and Kim joined the National Achiever’s Congress to provide the kind of financial education that will open your mind and give you insider secrets to overcome challenges and create sustainable wealth and success. They will show you what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs and investors in today's global economy.  

You will learn how to build real wealth where you live. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, no credit, no money, no experience; all you need is financial education and the determination to succeed. This event can change your life forever—if you let it.

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