Find Your Way Out of The Crisis

Watch Robert & Kim Kiyosaki and Their Team Live and Unedited in Arizona

For 2 years, the world has been in financial crisis. Trillions of dollars have been committed and spent trying to re-inflate life back into the ailing world economy. Still, the crisis is raging on and many think it is about to get much worse. Join us to see how real entrepreneurs, investors and experts are finding ways to thrive during the crisis (and how you can too!)


Watching this event, you’ll experience all of the energy and learning just as if you were in the room. Enjoy over 7 hours of powerful instruction.

The crisis is about more than money, it can extend to your entire life. Robert and his team will show how the Rich Dad message includes all aspects of wealth, health and wellness. Learn more about the list of presenters below.


This event was streamed world-wide to over 90 countries in both English and Spanish!

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When you purchase access to the replay, you will also receive access to a replay of an exclusive Rich Woman panel discussion that was held in conjunction with this event. Watch Kim and a team of women investing experts answer investing questions from some of her elite students. Don’t miss these global events!



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So you’re unsure about your future?

Take heart.

In 2002’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki said your home is not an asset. In 2007 he predicted on U.S. television that Lehman Brothers would go under. In 2009 he shared his insight on the collapse of the world financial markets within Conspiracy of The Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money.

What does Robert think will happen next? Join us in this live event in Arizona with Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki and find out ahead of the rest.