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Second Chance: The End of Old-School Thinking

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Back By Popular Demand Due to overwhelming response, an encore presentation will be available on March 3rd. Watch this broadcast as Robert shares insights from his newest book and his secrets to finding opportunity in the darkest financial times. PLUS – enjoy a bonus Strategy Session with Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, so you can learn the Tax Loopholes the rich are using.


Most people are still operating with the mindset – go to school, get a job, invest in a 401k, and invest for the long term. People who follow this mindset are going to be crushed the hardest in the upcoming crash of 2016 – expected to be the biggest in history – with a stock market, real estate, and currency crash. The Euro, Dollar, and Yen are all in trouble.

Money is already not worth what it once was; the price of education keeps going up while wages for college graduates are going down. That’s why, during this event, Robert will reveal a new plan for wealth that you can start acting on today to secure your financial future.

This is your chance to take control of your financial future and change your quality of life – to live the life you really want.

Join Robert for this event and learn:

  • How to predict the future – by looking at the past
  • When the next global financial crisis is going to happen – and how you can plan for it
  • The 4 things that Robert expects will bring down the global economy
  • Robert’s 21st Century Plan to generate cash flow in rough economic times
  • Why you can be optimistic – even with financial trouble coming soon

ANYONE can have a Second Chance on life… if they want it badly enough and are willing to commit to an action plan.


Strategy Session with Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright

Join Robert and Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, and learn the Tax Loopholes the rich are using (around the world) to avoid paying taxes on real estate and how to immediately save money on your investments.  Knowing how to use tax laws to your advantage will allow you to build your wealth faster – instead of giving it away.  

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The event begins on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 1pm and will be re-broadcast again at 8pm EST (GMT-5).

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Event Speakers

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Tom Wheelwright - Taxes


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