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The New Road to Financial Freedom

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Back By Popular Demand Due to overwhelming response, an encore presentation will be available on March 25th. Watch this broadcast and learn what steps you can take today to achieve the financial success you want!


Part 1 – Entrepreneurial Success: The Rich Dad Way

If you’ve ever listened to Robert Kiyosaki or read any of his books, you know he doesn’t follow the conventional way of doing things. Robert believes that following the traditional paths (going to college, getting a job, all debt is bad, working hard, etc.) inhibit people from being innovative and finding ways to accomplish what others say cannot be done. In short, they can stifle creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.

If everyone colored between the lines and followed all the rules, we probably wouldn’t have rock n’ roll, personal computers, cars, or millionaires. You have to break away from the pack.

That is why he tasked Shane Caniglia, President of Rich Dad and Entrepreneur, with helping him revolutionize education.  Robert refers to Shane as the “Steve Jobs of Education.” Like Robert, Shane understands the flaws in existing education systems on a global level. During this event, Robert and Shane will show you the Rich Dad Way of learning – a way that flips the existing education system on its head and will help you achieve your Entrepreneurial aspirations.

During this portion of the event, you will learn…

  • How to awaken your financial genius

  • The Rich Dad Way to entrepreneurial success

  • To transform your mistakes into successes

  • How to turn traditional financial education upside down

  • Why Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford & Walt Disney dropped out of school on the road to wealth

Part 2 – BONUS: Tax Loopholes in Real Estate

Somewhere along the road to financial freedom, you will have to pay taxes (you most likely already are). Robert and Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, will teach you how to use the tax law to your advantage. Tax codes in all countries are set up to offer incentives for those who invest in real estate. Whether you are just getting started or are receiving passive income from real estate today, you just need to know how to use the tax laws to your advantage if you are going to build serious wealth – and not give it all away.

Taxes are one of the many benefits of investing in real estate. Learn…

  • How to never pay taxes on your real estate investments

  • Strategies you can use immediately to save money on your investments

Richard Branson once said, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.” If you are a doer or a dreamer who wants to take that first step, this event will help you learn a better way to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Shane Caniglia - Rich Dad Tom Wheelwright - Taxes

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