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Robert Kiyosaki

I was fortunate to have two dads, a rich dad and a poor dad. Through my book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I shared the experiences that made me successful so others could begin to see money and finances in a whole new way.

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Two Dads, Two Different Philosophies, Two Different Outcomes.

My real dad was very educated, worked hard, and made a good income. However, he held traditional views about money and as a result ended up struggling financially all his life – I call him my poor dad. My rich dad, (my friend’s dad) did not have a college degree, also worked hard, but he thrived financially. Unlike my poor dad, he had a rich mindset and thought about money very differently and as a result ended up being one of the richest men in Hawaii. Through my Rich Dad’s financial advice, I discovered how to let money work for me and become a successful business owner.

Rich Dad World helps you learn Rich Dad’s lessons

Having two dads gave me the benefit of contrasting perspectives. I use this contrast to teach millions of people a new view on money. The biggest difference I see between The Rich and the poor or middle class, is financial education and how they think about money. Do you think Rich? Compare the views of my poor dad and my rich dad and see where you currently fit.

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If you have trouble thinking rich, or are yet to actually apply this type of thinking to your life, I’d encourage you to get free access to the Rich Dad World PowerPack. It includes my Choose to be Rich home study course, some new webinars by my financial coaches, and many other tools that will help you go through the process of thinking, learning and doing differently with your money until you are on your way to financial freedom.

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“Rich Dad World’s goal is to increase your financial IQ, and bring you a world of possibilities, a world of learning, a world of understanding. A take charge world, where you’ll be equipped to take command of your finances and live a Rich life.”


My Poor Dad Said My Rich Dad Said
"My house is an asset." "My house is a liability."
Rich dad says, "If you stop working today, an asset puts money in your pocket and a liability takes money from your pocket. Too often people call liabilities assets. It's important to know the difference between the two."
"I can't afford it." "How can I afford it?"
The statement "I can't afford it" shuts down your thinking. By asking the right question, you mind opens up and looks for answers.
"The reason I'm not rich is because I have you kids." "The reason I must be rich is because I have you kids."
"I'm not interested in money." "Money is power."
"When it comes to money, play it safe - don't take risks." "Learn how to manage risk."
"Pay myself last." "Pay myself first."
Rich Dad always took a percentage off the top of any income he earned. He put this money into an investment account that went toward purchasing his assets. Poor Dad spent all his money first and never had any remaining for investments.
Believed that the company you worked for or the government should take care of your financial needs. Believed in financial self-reliance and financial responsibility.
Focused only on academic literacy. Focused on financial literacy as well as academic literacy.
Learned only the vocabulary of academia. Learned the vocabulary of finance - "Your words are the most valuable tools you have."
"I work for my money." "My money works for me."
Thought that making more money would solve his financial problem. Knew that financial education was the answer to his financial problems: "It's not how much money you make that's important - it's how much money you keep and how long you keep it."
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